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Singapore: 3 Strengths, 1 Weakness.

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International Research team analyses and forecasts economic developments around the world. It also conducts country risk analysis and to that end writes country reports, provides country and sovereign risk ratings.

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Country report Singapore. 04/03/2015






Strong infrastructure, institutions and high quality of government officials.

Strong institutions support GDP growth; policy making is effective and adequately responds to risks and shocks. Furthermore, the business environment is highly friendly and competitive: Singapore is first ranked in the Ease of Doing Business ranking and second in the Global Competitiveness Report.

A very healthy public fiscal stance.

Public balance sheets are strong; the government acts in accordance with the Government Securities Act, implying the sovereign cannot issue debt to finance expenditure. Public net financial assets are very large (82% of GDP).

A strong international creditor position.

Banking sector regulation and supervision are strong and domestic banks are among the healthiest in the world. Public external debt is zero.

The net international investment position (189% of GDP) and international reserves (90% of GDP) are very large. As such, the risk of a balance payment crisis is negligible and the scope for monetary policymaking, which targets the exchange rate, is sizeable.

But a city state that is ageing.

The state’s small size and rapidly ageing population (old-age dependency ratio of 50% in 2030 !) put a limit on the potential growth rate.