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Palestine 48.

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The Palestine Monitor was established in December 2000, after the start of the Second Intifada. Since then, The Palestine Monitor has documented a broad scale of human rights abuses carried out by the Israeli government and military across the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

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The battle for Israel’s airwaves: Netanyahu vs. ‘Palestine 48’ TV. 17/07/2015






On June 17, the first fully Palestinian state-funded satellite TV channel, “Palestine 48” went live. The network, based in Nazareth in Israel, aspires to give voice to the 20% of Israel’s Arab population.

A day after P48 launch, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ordered the Communication Ministry Director General Shlomo Filber to investigate into the channel’s constitutionality, including the transparency of its funding. Filber told Haaretz: “We will examine all the criminal and administrative means at our disposal to prevent the station’s broadcast.”

Recently, Israeli authorities announced a six month closure of the channel. Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said: “I will not allow for Israel’s sovereignty to be harmed or for the Palestinian Authority to gain a foothold in Israeli territory.”

Sanaa Hammoud, a member of the P48’s advisory board, believes the Communication Ministry’s investigation into P48, which may aim to ultimately shut the channel permanently, is part of a larger campaign to silence the Arab public and ultimately de-legitimise their citizenship.

In July 2014, the then Communication Minister, Gilan Erdan, tried to enforce the removal of Al-Jazeera from the list of channels available in Israel, accusing the Qatari-based news network of broadcasting what he deemed to be unlawful and provocative material. In May2015, the Israeli Communication Ministry suspended funding for the Al-Midan Arab Theatre in Haifa, following the city council’s uproar over staging “A Parallel Time”, a play written by Bashar Murkus, a 22-year-old Haifa University graduate.

According to a political science professor at Tel Aviv University, this systematic targeting of Arab cultural institutions in Israel and restrictions implicating freedom of expression increase the inequality between Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel in official public spaces and intensify the exclusionist nature of the Israeli public sphere.

Nevertheless, the channel is still broadcasting and has already registered interest from Jordan, Syria, Egypt, or the Gulf, as well as Arab communities in Europe.

The beautiful and interesting thing is that a lot of its viewers are Jews based in Tel Aviv, which demonstrates that there is an interest among Israeli-Jewish population as there are many of them who speak Arabic language.