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A Flawed Democracy that Needs to be Fixed: FIFA.

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From villages in rural India to the corridors of power in Brussels, Transparency International gives voice to the victims and witnesses of corruption.

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GIVE BACK THE GAME – How to Fix FIFA. 15/07/2015






If FIFA were a multi-national corporation it would be accountable to its shareholders. FIFA and its executive committee have no accountability to anyone except themselves. It is exempt from the kind of legal oversight, disclosure and compliance rules that would be standard for businesses of this magnitude.

FIFA’s objectives are to improve the game “in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values” and “to promote integrity”. In this it is failing.

- All previous attempts at FIFA reform have fallen short. FIFA needs a truly independent reform commission led by eminent public figures to oversee reform.

- The Confederations (who elect members to the Executive Committee) need to be more transparent and accountable to their own leagues, clubs, players, supporters and citizens. FIFA’s statutes should be amended to ensure membership of FIFA is dependent on high standards of accountability and transparency at every level of the organization.

- Currently all voting by delegates takes place secretly. This means that delegates have no accountability to their associations. The presidential election should be more transparent and accountable.

- There are no independent non-executive directors to provide oversight or challenge the decisions of the 25 person Executive Committee. There should be a balance of independent non-executives appointed to the Executive Committee such that no individual or small group of individuals can dominate decision taking.

- The opaqueness of FIFA financial reporting and lack of detail make it impossible for there to be true accountability or transparency on how money is spent, whether it is spent on the intended purposes, or if it provides value for money. Transparency Internationalproposes: Firstly, the publication of financial information on an open data platform; and secondly, the public disclosure of income of senior executives (and the public disclosure of all their benefits in kind).